In 2019, La Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta asked us to document its Semaine d’Innovation Pédagogique, the so called SIP : a week for the future architects to test the multiplicity of their practice through different workshops.
Our workshop L’architecte à la caméra, refering to Dziga Vertov’s masterpiece L’homme à la caméra, was born from this proposal. During a week, we introduced to 8 students the basics of documentary making and filming architecture.

La recette is the result of the student filming team I led and tells the story of Jérémie, student as well, who was named to lead a construction workshop within a week with other mates with one goal: create a mobile kitchen to be driven by a bike. Will they be successful? Just watch the movie!

Client: La Cambre Architecture
Directors: El Mehdi Bamhaoud
Sébastian Boinot
Solène Essomba Tana
Encadrant: Jonathan Ortegat