This conference was given as a masterclass, with Mélanie Ganino with whom I present the video work in progress of the MAD project.

Within the framework of the festival Recto/verso, a festival that leaves the students of the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta apart from the possibility of exhibiting their multidisciplinary works, it seemed important to us to show how video can be a tool or even a means, interesting in order to conceive, realizing and talking about architecture.

What is the architecture of a video? Through which tools do we design an architecture video? This masterclass is a reflection on how to film architecture by discovering the film grammar and the beginnings of the MAD project video.

Speakers: Jonathan Ortegat &
Mélanie Ganino


On October 18th 2016, I presented my researches and latest works at the first event of the "Festival de la vidéo d'Architecture" organized by ARIB which took place in Brussels.

Questions about visibility and communication of an architectural project are the base of my professional development. It brought me to present therefor solutions conceived within a new process of communication that could be enhanced through social networks.

Speaker: Jonathan Ortegat

More info about the festival on www.arib.be