Videographer/photographer of architecture and landscape, I was born in 1984 in Brussels where I currently live and work. After 6 years in Argentina, I returned to Belgium in 2014 with an intense experience in one of the world's largest megacities. As soon as I moved back home, photography became my way of reconnecting with my hometown. My collaborations with various architectural and urban planning firms in Brussels open me to a different interpretation of the image, one that reveals the layers that, over time, have shaped the landscape.

I spend a lot of time on the streets, refining my eyes and meeting the other person, the one who lives in the landscapes I photograph, those who leave their traces there. Naturally, my practice moves from a purely landscape work to a humanist work which, in addition to giving pride to the context, shows the use made of it by its users, achieving a balance between architectural photography and street documentary photography.

In September 2018, I opened with other artists the Playful Studio, a collective and creative space that loves images, stories and those who make them. The studio is a melting pot of talents that mix photo, video, cinema, graphics and web development. It is a place dedicated to visual research and creation perched on the third floor of Hectolitre, the new exchange catalyst in the Marolles district.