Îlot Sacré is located in the historic heart of Brussels, 100 metres from the Grand-Place, within the UNESCO world heritage site perimeter. The plot, which had been abandoned since the 1960s, was a carbuncle well-known to Brussels residents. The 6,000 m2 housing project focuses on a very simple idea: To bring back to life the network of backstreets which existed before the demolitions to create a semi-public space for residents.

The video, made over a 2-years period, places an emphasis on the context and the process for this unique project, using various camera techniques such as time lapses or aerial shots taken using a drone. Particular attention was given to highlighting architectural quality and the specific uses of the building.
Client: Galika Human Estate & DDS +
Director: Jonathan Ortegat
Assitant: Anthony Karkan
DOP: Jonathan Ortegat
Soundtrack: Benjamin Vandenbroucke